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The King of Britain, Lord of the Round Table, and the Once and Future King, and wielder of the holy sword of the planet.

His true identity is the King of Knights of a parallel universe, who reached this world chasing after a certain powerful antagonist.

She appeared as the corrupted form of Altria from the "Heaven's Feel" route of The younger version of Altria Pendragon, who has just drawn out Caliburn, the sword of selection, and is just embarking on her journey to becoming the King of Knights.

In contrast to her older self, she is lovely, innocent, youthful and idealistic... She was the game's pre-registration prize, and was later the main companion and free Servant of "Saber Wars".

A prince, the eldest of the children of Morgan of Orkney, and one of the longest-serving knights of the Round Table, possessing a holy sword of the sun said to be the Excalibur's twin, making him a peerless fighter in daylight.

Despite his serious appearance, Gawain is charming, gentle and polite, slow to anger and humble.

With her new hero status, her evil has been weakened and she now has the bravery to selfishly rescue the weak and outwit the strong.

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Later after Cú Chulainn returned from the land of shadows, Fergus defected to Ulster's enemy, Connacht, after his sons were killed.She debuted for the Halloween 2016 event as the free Servant and your main companion in the event's story.Foster father of Cú Chulain, knight of the Red Branch and former King of Ulster before being tricked out of his throne by Conchobar mac Nessa.Spurring on queen Medb of Connacht out of hatred for Conchobar, they went to war with Ulster, cornering Conchobar during the decisive battle.

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Fergus was prevented from killing Conchobar and was said to have redirected his rage over it upon three hills, using Caladbolg to cleanly blast the tops off them.Cunning and ambitious, he revels in trickery and uses his frightening intelligence to win his people's loyalty.

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