Bankruptcy invalidating liens

09-Jul-2018 21:06

Failing such agreement, this code applies to transactions bearing an appropriate relation to this state.

When one of the following provisions of this code specifies the applicable law, that provision governs; and a contrary agreement is effective only to the extent permitted by the law (including the conflict-of-laws rules) so specified: The remedies provided by this code must be liberally administered to the end that the aggrieved party may be put in as good a position as if the other party had fully performed, but neither consequential or special nor penal damages may be had except as specifically provided in this code or by other rule of law.

The presence in certain provisions of this code of the words “unless otherwise agreed” or words of similar import does not imply that the effect of other provisions may not be varied by agreement under this subsection.

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From all the facts and circumstances known to the person at the time in question, has reason to know that it exists. If it is established that such a usage is embodied in a written trade code or similar record, the interpretation of the record is a question of law. Sections Except as otherwise provided in this part, chapter 65-254, Laws of Florida, as amended, shall apply to any questions of priority if the positions of the parties were fixed prior to the effective date of chapter 79-398, Laws of Florida.

An organization exercises due diligence if it maintains reasonable routines for communicating significant information to the person conducting the transaction and there is reasonable compliance with the routines. A term providing that one party or the party’s successor in interest may accelerate payment or performance or require collateral or additional collateral “at will” or “when she or he deems herself or himself insecure” or in words of similar import must be construed to mean that she or he has power to do so only if she or he in good faith believes that the prospect of payment or performance is impaired.

Due diligence does not require an individual acting for the organization to communicate information unless such communication is part of the individual’s regular duties or the individual has reason to know of the transaction and that the transaction would be materially affected by the information.“Person” means an individual; corporation; business trust; estate; trust; partnership; limited liability company; association; joint venture; government; governmental subdivision, agency, or instrumentality; public corporation; or any other legal or commercial entity.“Present value” means the amount as of a date certain of one or more sums payable in the future, discounted to the date certain by use of either an interest rate specified by the parties if that rate is not manifestly unreasonable at the time the transaction is entered into or, if an interest rate is not so specified, a commercially reasonable rate that takes into account the facts and circumstances at the time the transaction is entered into.“Security interest” means an interest in personal property or fixtures which secures payment or performance of an obligation. The burden of establishing lack of good faith is on the party against whom the power has been exercised.

Only a buyer who takes possession of the goods or has a right to recover the goods from the seller under chapter 672 may be a buyer in ordinary course of business. With respect to any collateral acquired by the debtor subsequent to the effective date of this act, any effective financing statement or continuation statement described in this section shall apply only if the filing or filings are in the office or offices that would be appropriate to perfect the security interests in the new collateral under this act.

“Buyer in ordinary course of business” does not include a person who acquires goods in a transfer in bulk or as security for or in total or partial satisfaction of a money debt.“Conspicuous,” with reference to a term, means so written, displayed, or presented that a reasonable person against which it is to operate ought to have noticed it. The effectiveness of any financing statement or continuation statement filed prior to the effective date of this act may be continued by a continuation statement as permitted by this act, except that if this act requires a filing in an office where there was no previous financing statement, a new financing statement conforming to s.That in the regular course of business or financing is treated as adequately evidencing that the person in possession or control of the record is entitled to receive, control, hold, and dispose of the record and the goods the record covers; and That purports to be issued by or addressed to a bailee and to cover goods in the bailee’s possession which are either identified or are fungible portions of an identified mass. The perfection will then lapse unless a financing statement is filed as provided in subsection (4) or unless the security interest is perfected otherwise than by filing.

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