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As we derive this from the Germanic roots of English, it seems sensible to have some regard to the German. has reduced in recent years leading to USA and UK and in your case CWT.

It is clear from that usage that months (Monate) is used as a descriptor and is not a genitive case. Initials are not words and to say CWTed is really a jargon, attempting to apply standard rules to a jargon expression.

Pretend Chaucer = 3 monthses notice Modern correct form = 3 months' notice The /es/ is replaced by the apostrophe.

One could argue that /months/ here is used to describe the length of notice required and although a noun, is in this context de facto an adjective, and therefore requires no apostrophe as nothing is missing, case /a/ above.

c) X will give at least 3 months' notice ...........

I hate to think how much the time wasted over arguments about this has cost the office and I now fear my sanity is at risk over the squabbling of these prima donnas! The question is really whether /months/ in this case is a noun 'possessing' the notice or an adjective describing the notice.

I am afraid that many of today's teachers are those who were in school themselves in the period when to teach grammar was frowned upon as getting in the way of understanding etc. This particular teacher cannot admit that she is wrong. Having the /s/ in brackets shows that the writer intends to cover both singular and plural possibilities, but of course, there would be an /s/ there anyway.

Those people are now teaching the new generation the same errors. === John Chisholm, UK, wrote: Dear Sir: In correspondence a chap referred to me as "a working mans' Lenin. Perhaps a more pedantically accurate rendition (but an absurd one) would be "The borrower(')s(') rights must be observed." indicating that the apostrophe could be either before are after the /s/ depending on whether the instance was singular or plural.

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I wrote the possessive as shown but WORD suggests that the correct way is Campbell Scientifics'. The word /scientific/ is normally an adjective and would therefore not normally be expected to show possession.If one regards it as a possessing noun, then the answer lies on the page of the website concerning possessives.The word /months/ here is a plural (more than one month) so it follows the same track as /boys coats/ on that page.I'm on your side here, although I can see your colleague's reasoning. :-) I have never tried my method with Yr 3, but it does work with Yr 5 and especially Yr 6.

Although /don't/ is a contraction of /do not/ it is established as a single 'word' and if it is never printed with a gap, why would one want to make a difference when writing it? If not, why is he or she inconsistent in this respect? === Tim Martin, Surrey UK, wrote: I would be extremely grateful if you would settle an argument that is raging in the office amongst people who really should know better (they are experts in intellectual property! The argument refers to the period that must be given before a change can be introduced.

* /Note: A logger is a specialized piece of data acquisition equipment. You don't specify whether it is the spelling (red) or grammar checker (green) in Word which gave you your problem.

Is it: a) X will give at least 3 months notice .............… continue reading »

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Look at this, too; a brochure for the G4 Plus in Spanish that came in the phone's box in Colombia claims the same thing.… continue reading »

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