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In the course of the programme, each student will be connected with relevant research groups in connection with project work or their thesis.A mixture of Danish and international students provides an optimal environment for peer-to-peer learning.They seek to develop sustainable pathways for every level of food production, to use new technologies to comply with increased regulation, and to eliminate waste from the entire production cycle.

They may also find careers at the UN or work in independent consulting, offering assessment services.In this programme emphasis is placed as much on the academic and professional skills as on the applied skills.International students make up roughly one-third of each class, provid­ing students with international knowledge and perspectives and the possibility to learn about different environments – both academic and agricultural.Danes can share their experience of working in a highly regulated industry with strong environmental protections, and international students can bring both problems and solutions from their home countries to the discussions, an opportunity that will prepare all students to work in a globalised world.

In addition, documentation may be required verifying that your proficiency in English is at a specified level.

Most students who complete this programme find employment in the private sector as advisors or in research and development.

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