Dating a girl who is always busy

21-Jan-2018 00:38

More or less there’s absolutely nothing wrong, in fact everything is right.

You just need some advice on how to date a busy man.

Creating a ritual that only the two of you do will solidify your bond and you’ll cherish the moment you do spend together even more.

Sudden urges will arise within you to want to text or give him a call.

The more meaning you give to something insignificant the more worry and stress you put yourself under.

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That’s the 5th time this week that he’s not around at your convenience and a sure sign you are dating a busy man. I understand how frustrating it can be for you to want to spend quality time with your boyfriend. You begin questioning your self worth, wondering if there’s something wrong with you.

Remember: being in a relationship is about sharing a life, not making the other person your entire life.