Dating a scorpio female

14-Nov-2017 03:23

We just keep ending up finding each other but it's mostly a friendship connection as he doesn't seem as sexually driven than other guys I have been with. I'm a Scorpio woman and I just started seeing a Virgo guy. I always feel like I'm bothering him and he says no I'm not and that's all.) Is there any way to know if he is really into me or am I just wasting my time ? Love him with every breath, w have lost a son, let's just say God has been the reason we haven't given up on each other. I still think about him...I messed up with least I feel like I did..with my new Virgo I'm trying to do things a lil different..he won't open up to me....

Of all the guys I dated, he's the only one that I can't tell what he is thinking. Is is exactly how it is for me and this Virgo I'm currently dating I always feel like I'm interrupting him but no matter what he's doing I don't seem to be bothering him lol I also feel like I talk to much he's so quiet I think he's just shy things are going smooth so far Hi I've been with my virgo for 11 years off and on yes!! He has the extra baggage and crazy baby mama to top it off! I'm almost positive we are.going to get married soon! I'm a female scorpion we don't give up when we really love . I asked him would I b over stepping my boundaries if I told him I was feelin him and he said nawl u good....correct me if I'm wrong but that made me feel like he was leaving the door open...never said he felt the same but when he is around me he talks to about whatever comes to mind and he gets upset if he sees me talking to someone else..I feel vice versa...he won't tell me how he truly feels..if he doesn't feel the same way I do I can respect that..on everything I can feel a connection between's deep..because he won't tell me how he feel it's driving me crazy inside...sometimes I feel like I'm stalking him....

I kno I did kind of push him away a ill but it's cus I really like him... But he do jealous when I hang out or chat with another man.

I keep praying but it's like god is ignoring me... We rarely meet each other, but he do chat me once a month. I think I should move on,but I can't do that...

The Scorpio woman will really like this Virgo man's ability, they will together discuss all their friends, and she will slowly and gradually learn this subtle art.

Virgo man is a witty person, but he should not sharpen this skill on his beloved woman.

I'm a Scorpio woman and I've been in a relationship with a Virgo man for 5 years.

I've known many virgos (both man and woman) they are veryyyy simple.

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I've learned to watch his habits and expressions in order to learn him.I am a Scorpio woman who & I have reconnected again with my childhood sweet heart Virgo man after 20 years & we had found each other 3 or 4 times randomly coming back together between ages of 13 & 23.Even now after we have both been in failed marriages & have been out on dates he still is hard to read & show his emotions. Ok..I'm a scorpio female and I have this Virgo man in my life...supposedly we are just friends..being his friend is like running a marathon... I dated a Virgo in the past and I fell in love with him...which is something I don't do..our breakup tore me apart...He considers himself a failure but adores a Scorpio woman for her strength and strong-willed steadfastness.

He wants her to always be with him and help him through difficult times with her advice and energy.

They love to be in a stable relationship with woman (or man) who offer a balance, smart conversations and simplicity.