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Reply I think (based on my own and others’ experiences) that the women who find this disturbing are the women who have been mistreated, but didn’t realize the extent.

They have a vague discomfort when recalling their birth memories, but don’t (or can’t) verbalize it because of fear of invalidation. There’s a name for the feeling that comes when you hear something and know it to be true, and it scares you because it is the opposite of everything you thought was true before. Reply Another thing that I think is also important to mention , while it is perfectly possible to give birth to a healthy baby at 44 weeks, you should have mention that the risks of stillbirth exponantially increase after 42 weeks.

or at least to the extent that they will not feel the pain if it falls through. There's no way a minor could sign a contract of sale, and if the did it would not be binding. If the brat is planning to rent it out he wouldn't be able to get the first home buyers grant (I would doubt/hope that that isn't available to minors anyway). Australia has a government higher education loan system the repayment of which is garnished from their earnings via the tax system when they earn over a certain amount.

Who the fuck knows, so tired of the maggots running up housing... It is very rare that a domestic student pays direct fees for a degree as most courses fall under the loan system.

They all have their own opinions and biases and many of them do not educate themselves further than what they’ve been taught, which isn’t always truth. Out of 11 providers I seen with my last pregnancy, i could not trust 1.

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you nailed it on the head, that’s why I think a preggo mom should hear all kind of birth stories, as long as they are told the most objectively possible. There are some medical reasons that a doctor may be needed during a birth.Even his brother Oliver and sister Saskia chipped in some pocket money to make it a whole family affair.The pint-sized housing prodigy said he planned to ‘totally transform’ the 1970s home before renting it out and looking for his next investment.Women are told all the time that babies need to be born by 40 weeks and before, so I am going to be the voice to say different. Reply I don’t think she’s trying to convince women if they have a baby past 42 weeks that their baby WILL be fine.

She’s trying to empower women to educate themselves on the reality of the situation rather than to just ‘take the OB’s word for it’.

“It’s a big investment and a mistake can cost you a lot”.