Non validating dom parser

30-Jun-2018 23:24

WARNING: if your application is multithreaded or has plugin support calling this may crash the application if another thread or a plugin is still using libxml2.It's sometimes very hard to guess if libxml2 is in use in the application, some libraries or plugins may use it without notice.To allow content encoding detection, @size should be Set and return the previous value for default blanks text nodes support.The 1.x version of the parser used an heuristic to try to detect ignorable white spaces.A DOM Parser can be used when the XML file is small enough to be loaded completely into memory.If the XML file is too large, other Java APIs are available for parsing the XML.If sax is NULL, fallback to the default DOM tree building routines. Automatic support for ZLIB/Compress compressed document is provided by default if found at compile-time.If sax is NULL, fallback to the default DOM tree building routines.

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JDOM 2.x is fully supported for use with Java 6 or Java 7, and is also compatible with Java 5 with a few restrictions.The function is of constant cost if the input is UTF-8 but can be costly if run on non-UTF-8 input. It does not clean up parser state, it cleans up memory allocated by the library itself. It tries to reclaim all related global memory allocated for the library processing. One should call xml Cleanup Parser() only when the process has finished using the library and all XML/HTML documents built with it.