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09-Oct-2017 15:58

Ebony Washington Janati Nov 9 (7 days ago)to jwright Ms Wright, You have this email as proof of what I have said, as well as you will have proof on your side with giving me a refund. t=65603 this matter is resolved, I will keep all consumers updated. I will post the reports from the BBB, as well as the report of the US Attorneys office, and I will also upload documents of reporting the pharmacy where this medication came from, report with the FDA, and I will also post a You Tube video of all of the information, documents, pictures of product, and videos from the News Media.

I have stated which you have enclosed in this email, that the matter is resolved upon receipt of my refund, as far as I am concerned, and I will update Rip Off Report & the BBB accordingly immediately. Diet Doc not only analyzes every batch of h CG prior to prescribing, but offers a Certificate of Analysis showing it's over 100% pure h CG. We stand by what we offer and will not get into a conversation with a known felon.

This company uses various names on the internet, and I have enclosed most of the names that I see.Have you received a text message or phone call from (870) 230-5350?Read the comments below to determine who is calling from this phone number.I have also forward this complaint to the BBB, and the US Attorney General's Office for my State.

I would run far away from this company as possible, they are a complete Rip Off.

As for Rip Off Report, and the BBB, consumers will see that you have resolved the matter, and I will state the fact as such, matter resolved. is currently being investigated by the US Attorneys Office for distributing FAKE HCG they are also being investigated by the Better Business Bureau, they are a complete scam, and I would go to a more reliable source to get your HCG.